Chatbot content writing

Do you have a chatbot project and already have a programmer but need a content writer? I create the content that your customer reads when interacting with your chatbot.

 What I do: 

     – Map conversation flows

     – Write conversation scripts 

     – Write question and answer pairs 

     – User research 

     – Chatbot strategy 

            * who is your audience? What do they want? 

            * what is the goal of your chatbot?           

            * what should your customer to do after using your                                                         chatbot? 

            * what are your success metrics? 

     – Help with tone and personality

            * naming and avatars 

     – Setting confidence levels 

     – Analysing chatbot user data

             * highlight content gaps 

             * improve content to meet customer needs 

             * measure chatbot performance

Chatbot writer training

I work with government departments and organisations to deliver chatbot writing best practice training.

 I teach writers about:

     – User intent

     – Conversation flows

     – Following digital style guides

     – Formatting content for scanability

I create training materials specific to your organisation and to address any skills gaps you may have highlighted.

 This training is usually done over video conferencing.

Chatbot Content clients