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Chatbots are still an emerging field with new developers, writers and designers joining our ranks daily. For people still learning or wanting to know more about chatbots, there are a number of great resources out there to help you.

  1. Local meetups and communities of practice

Your local chatbot community is a great resource to learn from people who have worked with chatbots. People are very happy to share their experiences so that all users can benefit from a better chatbot experience.

This week I will be on a panel discussing best practice writing for chatbots for the Sydney Chatbot Meetup. This online meetup will also be talking about the successful implementation of chatbots and accessibility.

These meetups are a great opportunity to learn about industry best practice and ask any questions you may have.

A Google search will bring up a list of groups in your area. Don’t be shy about joining and asking questions. Due to the current state of the world most of these meetups are online, which is great for introverts.

  1. Chatbots Magazine 

Chatbots Magazine is one of the best free resources to learn about chatbots. This online magazine has articles and tutorials on everything from design, developing and writing for chatbots.

  1. Chatbots Journal

Chatbots Journal not only provides a range of articles about chatbots they have a list of industry events around the world. As their tagline states: learn and share all about chatbots. 

  1. Academic research

If you’re interested in academic research related to chatbots, the Chatbot Research website is an international collaboration between academia and industry. It has links to a number of academic journal articles and an incredibly helpful Taxonomy of Social Cues for Conversational Agents.

  1. Google

If you want to learn about chatbot scripts, chatbot design or even if your chatbot should have a name and avatar, Google can provide you with links to a world of information and resources. If you want to learn the basics of chatbots, you can also create your own chatbot using some of the free software available.

As well as the above five resources, there is a lot of great information and blogs from people who have been working with chatbots for years. The chatbot community on a whole are awesome at sharing lessons learnt and are keen to ensure that the chatbot user experience is a positive one.